Tactic used by typical Islamofascist to advance the agenda of global caliphate in a liberal Western society.
stan: You should not call other people Kafirs.
Osama: Where's your religious tolerance, you Islamophobe? Islamophobia is so fashionable nowadays.
by theoneverdies December 03, 2006
Top Definition
A word constructed by the blood thirsty, pedophile islamofascist to try and place blame on everyone else for their current geopolitical situation.
Islamofascist will call you islamophobic if you don't agree with them.
by Steve February 21, 2005
The idea that criticism of political Islam really comes from a mental illness (phobia). Please remember that, while you can incite as much as you want against Israel without being anti-Semitic, criticism of Islamic countries often are islamophobia.
Extreme left -wing person (not left-wing, extreme left-wing) - The Zionist lobby use Islamophobia to make us fear Hezbollah.
by October 4 February 06, 2009
A term which is often abused. Here's a helpful guide:

Islamophobia: Thinking all Muslims are terrorists

Not Islamophobia: Criticizing the treatment the women and gays in the Middle East

Got it?
If criticizing the Taliban is Islamophobia, then criticizing Pat Robertson is Christianophobia.
by sgdsgshfshfshfhdjfd September 15, 2013
Fear of Islam or Muslims. In practice, it is used by politically correct leftists and ultra-sensitive Muslims to silence any criticism of Islamic brutality, misogyny, antisemitism, homophobia, etc. The inference is that criticism of Islam is a mental disorder and that anyone who criticizes the more extreme aspects of Islam must hate all Muslims. In reality, almost nobody hates all Muslims. We have no problem with the Islam where people just practice their religion.
Any politician who criticizes female oppression in the Islamic world is bound to accused of Islamophobia.
by Pillowpants0804 September 14, 2013
A fear of anything Islamic.
Such as presuming that all islamic chaps are terrorists in training.
Americans have been accused of Islamophobia since the World Trade Centre bombing.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp May 24, 2004
The fear of mentioning Islam (or variations thereof), either due to political correctness or intimidation.
News reports of the riots in Europe suffer from Islamophobia: the perpatrators are referred to -- in the politically correct manner -- as "youths" or "Asians".
by AWx October 26, 2006
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