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1. A religion that pray to the allah (note that their allah is a moon god that muhammad took as he please from pagan religion ; thus is completely different from Christian God (YHWH)).

2. A religion whose prophet was a mass murderer (that was not an act of self defense, rather mohammad himself who made a war with innocent people back then , so don't give me a crap about his action was justified), fucking 6 years old kid (Aisyah), practice polygamy, tell his follower to kill Christian and Jew so when they died , they got 72 virgins in the heaven.

3. A religion that slowly crushing a western civilization from inside.
useful idiot 1: hey, not all islam follower is like that ; only terrorist who do that

muslim moderate: yea, the terrorist is the one who made shame of islam teaching

Me: wrong you fucktards. You got it completely backward logic. They are the one who actually follow mohammad teaching. The good people in islam is actually the one who didn't follow islam , or didn't know anything about it, only knows how to pray 5x times a day like an idiot.
Also , you muslim moderate : you are actually worse than moslem radical because you are like a time bomb that can blew up anytime , and you also act like nothing happened / turned a blind eye when moslem radical beheading non-moslem's head.
by bang_mamat_wts April 23, 2011

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