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When two men who's ethnicity ends in the suffix "ish" (ie: Irish, Polish, Jewish, etc), engage in a specific type of 3-way with (usually) a woman. One man copulates orally, while the other vaginally or anally. This, in effect, skewers the woman like a Shishkebab. It is also variantly spelled ishkebab.
Irish Reid and Polish Tom gave Nikki an "ishkabob" in the produce cooler, and she was sore for days.
by Paranoid AndReid October 11, 2007
When a female is double penetrated while standing up by two males belonging to a certain ethnic group that ends in 'ish', ie. Polish, Irish, etc... In most cases the female is suspended in mid air by the immense strength of the fully erect penis', acting as a skewer as in a shish kabob.
Dude, Nikki's mom is freakin gorgeous! I heard she loves getting it up both holes! Lets invite her over for some drinks and an Ishkabob!
by milehigh777 June 26, 2007
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