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(noun): Used to describe a woman as the sexiest thing you've ever seen. It's typically used by men, but every woman(provided they have eyes) will use the term too. Typically, the subject of the name "Ishika" have deep brown eyes, long, luscious curly dark hair; perfect skin with no blemishes and the most perfect lips around, her face is incredible; the most wonderful thing any man will ever lay eyes upon. Everyone struggles to keep their hands off a woman like Ishika, and struggles to look anywhere else but her when she enters a room.

She has a perfect body, it's impossible to stop staring at her. Her breasts are perfectly shaped, her ass is the roundest, firmest pair of globes to have ever existed and her legs are long and slender yet toned and smooth, she has possibly the most perfect, desirable body that could exist without ripping a hole in space and time.It's easy to confuse a woman like her with a goddess, yet the only difference is that Ishika does not have an unearthly glow in most lighting conditions.

It's been rumoured that "she can raise people from the dead", but this rumour may be down to a mistranslation or a misspoken version of the original phrase; the original phrase is, "She can raise dicks by being near them".

Generally, she is the most wonderful, sexy and overwhelmingly charming and intelligent woman you will ever meet. Unfortunately, she devotes herself to one man for life. Whomever that man may be, he is the luckiest man alive and always will be.
Man 1: "Hey mate, you seen that girl over there at the bar?"
Man 2: "Yeah, she must be Ishika, that girl everyone looks for, she's so incredibly sexy, I just can't get over it"
Man 1:"Really?? She's unbelievably hard to come by, I heard that Ishika only reincarnates every one hundred thousand years - she doesn't come around very often"
Man 2: "Yeah, see if you can nab her for yourself!"
Man 1: "Nah mate, it'll be futile, she's with a bloke"
Man 2: "I suppose we have to wait another hundred thousand years then"
Man 1: "Nah, I was kidding, Ishika never reincarnates, there's only ever been one of her, you won't ever get to be with a woman as perfect as her; that man over there is the luckiest man alive"
by Shiriae May 14, 2013
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