One who always gives a time to be someplace followed by 'ish'. This allows either 15 minutes later or 15 minutes prior to the 'ished' time. More than 15 minutes to the 'ished' time is considered too early, more than 15 minutes to the 'ished' time is considered late.
"it's already 7:40, why is she always late?"

"she said 7:30ish. you know she's an 'isher' so she still has 5 minutes before she is late"
by Kathibelle1971 December 27, 2009
A girl who is always talkin ish about another girl and lyin to make her self seem like the good person in the situation. Even though she know she wrong
Sierra Rosa is talkin ish about ashley to renee and sayin I SAID ANETT SAID SUM BS.
by Goinke2o May 31, 2005
young people usually between from 14+ who tred to no social group in particular, taking equal espects from the goth and mosher culture as the do from the townie and trendy
'now should i wear my boob-tube and baggys or mini and hoodie?'
by lubilu August 04, 2004

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