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It's a name given to beautiful and special girls. This name was popular in the 90s when the novella Isamar was on TV. They are cute, giggly, spontaneous, and lovable. They love it when boys make them laugh and when they are affectionate.

They usually have really pretty eyes and have amazing hair no matter what. They are fashionable and they always look good!
That is so Isamar, it's beautiful!
by whereismysudoku February 05, 2010
Annoying, whiny little girls. Normally spoiled and quick to point the finger. And if you're a boy.... and your name is Isamar. Something is wrong with your parents.
Boy 1: Aw man! Why is that chick so loud and obnoxious?!

Boy 2: Because... she's Isamar

Girl 1: Haha, look at Isamar! He's wearing makeup?!

Girl 2: Duh, he's gay
by Blake lively April 04, 2011

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