An insanely amazing, awesome girl who doesn't realise how awesome and how cool of a person she is at time. Can be a douche at times, and can be one of the kindest, sweetest people to you depending on how well you know her. She's also extremely beautiful but is defiant in believing so herself. Has beautiful eyes, and an amazing gift for stringed instruments and poetry. Can be very misunderstood but is amazing at understand other people and the world around her. If you are lucky enough to know her, it won't take much time for her to become one of your best friends and someone you probably can't live without.
1. Damn, I'm bored as hell...Well, let me message Isabel.

2. Person: Dang it...I'm so bored. If only I----
Isabel: Sup?
by TheMagicConchShell April 07, 2013
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a smart and beautiful girl with a great personality that brings joy and laughter to people.
isa -bel: derrived from the french word belle, meaning beautiful.
Person 1: "Ugh today is such a blahh day.."
Person 2: "Oh I know! Lets go look for an Isabel! She can cheer us up!"
by Boubbay February 19, 2009
The coolest person ever. She is really amazing and can always make you laugh. She is seriously my best friend forever. And even though she's abusive I still love her :)
Risabel, Iiiiiisabel, NOT ISABELLE
by Shmatie November 15, 2008
An amazingly beautiful girl, deriving from her name with the French root "belle" meaning beautiful. She is a very modest person and has many friends due to her friendliness, but gives little trust.
"Isabel is such an amazing person, she just doesn't know it."
by pipsqeak_m0use April 01, 2009
A girl who is filled with so much charm she has some of the most beautiful eyes you ever seen, she may be goofy and playful but unless you know her you'll know that she's been through alot, she is a must have friend, when her friends are in need of help she is the person who can care for them, she usually has long hair to match the beauty within her, one of the most incredible girls you'll ever meet, when isabel is stressed or hurt she lays in her bed wishing to be in someones arms, isabel isn't the type of girl where you hit it and quit it, but you find yourself in love with her, she often is latino or looks hispanic, she's the type of girl who you want to take has your queen
Example 1: awwww look at isabel wrapped up in her boyfriend's arms

Example 2: hey doesn't isabel look hispanic to you
by just that guy again August 22, 2011
Isabel is one caring girl. She is someone you`ll always wanna be with and someone you`ll always wanna talk to. If you`re lonely or something, give her a call and she`ll cheer you up. She is pretty and funny.
I can go to an Isabel for anything.
by hanna.xx1213 September 05, 2009
A girl that can kick and is unusually strong. She can be mature enough to pass for 14 when she's 11. Isabels are beautiful and hilarious. If you need advice go to Isabel. Isabels are extremely badass and LOVE a dare. they are great dancers and great singers. They don'y mind embarrassing themselves in front of people, Isabels are great friends.
-What kind of deodorant is THAT, Isabel?!?!
-Old Spice.
by Bellamoore11 August 01, 2011
An amazing person. Will roundhouse-kick you in the crotch if you call her Isabella. Easy to talk to. Insanely awesome. Very pretty and halirous. Hates Justin Beiber. Loves Will Ferrell, and Chuck Norris. Is obsessed with The Office & MLIA.

That's What She Said
Isabel is awesome
by Llama Lover:) September 13, 2010
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