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What you call someone from Iran. It's not "I-ranian", it's "Irooni".

Irooni's aren't ALL Persians, like most people like to think. People from Iran can be either (or a mix of): Persian, Kurdish, Azeri, Baloch, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Lur, Arab, Turkmen and many many other cultures.

Iroonis can be diverse, but they all love their Iranian Nationality.
Iran is a beautiful country with beautiful people, it's a shame that most Westerners are brainwashed by the media and have a distorted view of Iran and Iroonis.
by afshin January 23, 2006
A native or inhabitant of Iran.

Irianian communities are very well known for their wealth.

Iranian Culture: Idealistic/controlling mysterious/irrational, deep/unjust, sensual/scary, happy/melancholy, rational/threatening, balanced/sexist, fair/repressed, black+white, intriguing/distorted, egotistical/self-respected.
More over: things arn't always as they seem, however the universe cannot help but maintain it's balance.

Just another old school paradox that still exists. Just all depends on how you want to look at it.
Persian is to Irooni as
Oriental is to Chinese.

The term Persian is intended for goods originated and produced in Iran. Persian miniature paintings of heroes and heroines, rugs, cats, royally-funded fountains, scientific
drawings of plants and water clocks, mosque lamps, carpets, etc...
by Emster Yag. Los Angeles, CA December 02, 2004
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