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the crazyist morther fuckers you will ever meet on a construction job.... they are the ones that put the steel up for bluidings and bridges... they are the frist to go were no man has gone... we dont go to the office.. we bluid it!!!
when your walking threw a city a see a building beenin built and there are guys walking on steel beams!!!! they are the Ironworkers!!!!!!
by bbff October 09, 2009
Total Douche Bags. The retards who think they are bad asses because they build things. Usually addicted to drugs and alcohol. The douchers that drive around displaying their proud "Union Ironworker" bumper stickers but are too stupid to know it is a cop magnet. These creatures usually only work about 6 months out of the year and still think they are good providers.
Look at those drunk tards with the hard hats standing in the unemployment line, they must be Ironworkers.
by Jess80 April 07, 2011
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