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A Border Collie is the most amazing thing that walks on four paws! They truly have human-like qualities and are intense thinkers, very affectionate, loyal, and ready for anything, anytime. There is no other dog like it!
My Border Collie, Murray, is what the author "Jon Katz" said is my lifetime dog!
#superdog #canine genius #agility pro #cat herd #endless energy
by iwlover February 03, 2012
The union ironworker is a proud, brave, hard working and loyal person to his trade who will build structures that will still be here long after we are gone. They are also the heroes that were at ground zero who came from all over the country to help out.
When you are sitting in your new office in the Freedom Tower, remember, it was the skill of a union ironworker that helped in its creation.
#pirates in the sky #proud #fearless #boomers #doo rag afficionado
by iwlover February 03, 2012
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