Fear of being deployed to Iraq.
I think Private Ryan has Iraqnophobia. He's scared to go to Iraq.
by Marcus October 10, 2004
Top Definition
An unusually strong fear of Iraq, especially its ability to manufacture and use biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. (A play on arachnophobia, an unusually strong fear of spiders.)
Now that September is here, President Bush can launch his "initial public offering" of stock in his newest product, Iraqnophobia.
by JRob October 05, 2005
An irrational fear of iraq, most common amoungst middle class americans living in the sourthern states of the USA. Symptons include believing what the media claims, voting republican, remembering 9/11 and calling those who disagree terrorists, despite iraq having no connection to either 9/11 or terrorists.
Those who suffer from iraqnophobia often find that displaying a pointlessly large american flag on your house helps. It is unclear why iraqnophobics practice this ritual however.

1. Look what fox news is showing. Looks like they are keeping those iraqnophobics on edge still.

2. "Did you hear, George bush randomly declared war on iraq. Sounds like he has iraqnophobia...
by Russell Wilson October 12, 2005
Iraqnophobia is deep meditation on human rights, peace,and social justice as well as a critical work of musical citizenship by composer Alex Coke.
Released on VoxLox records, 2005
"Iraqnophobia" plays off the ideas of irrational fear and the Middle East, in the context of jazz. Coke's creative aims in the piece are both humanitarian and musical, but there is no overt political statement.
"Iraqnophobia" is orchestral in scope, a musical statement that blends the soul and instruments of two different cultures to evoke mood. Coke's music conjures visions of caravans and the sounds of the call to prayer.
by Lis'ann September 26, 2008
A fear of the annihilation of Iraq. Formed from the roots: 'Iraq' - a country located in the Middle East, 'No'- to cease existance/ to not be, and 'Phobia'- a fear.
"The mother of three clutched her baby to her breast and was filled with Iraqnophobia as she watched the armed men sprint past her home."

"For many Iraqis, Iraqnophobia leaves them feeling desperate and willing to do anything to save themselves and their families."
by Yemanja October 12, 2005
An unusually strong fear of the success that the Iraqi people are having in Iraq (with elections, democracy, and a constitution; with relatively few terror attacks, and a huge renewal of hope). Usually brought on by years of declaring that the US couldn't possibly succeed, followed by years of success among US and Iraqi forces.
"The mainstream press seems to be suffering from Iraqnophobia. They rarely mention the monumental success that the Iraqi people have been able to secure with our help, and they continually mention every time an innocent person or soldier dies for the cause of freedom."
by enlightened_bumblebee October 12, 2005
The Fear of Iraq
Shit dude, I'm freakin! Get me out of here! I'm Iraqnophobic!
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
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