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Arabic name; means to read.
If you know a person Iqra, you are lucky! They are hard to find and hard to keep. Awesome friends to have!
by Urban Dictionary May 26, 2008
an exotic sexy lil thang
Ian: Damn she's sexy!

James: Fuck yeah, she has to be a Iqra!
by 123423 June 06, 2010
when someone has no idea what is going on because they spaced out or are unaware of their current surroundings.
What just happened? Ugh I just pulled an Iqra!
by deesquishy January 18, 2010
person 1: what are u guys talking about

person 2: nothing much just chucking another iqra

person 3: STOP BITCHING!!!!!!!
by a1aa1a1 November 08, 2010

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