The greatest televison animation to hit the Earth. Invader Zim is also the named of the main character, a doom-bringing alien who is 'very small.'
"No Invader has ever been so small... you're small Zim... you're tiny..."
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
1.) A being from the planet Irk who who was sent out on a fake mission to invade a random planet selected by his rulers, the Almighty Tallest. Is not truly an invader and is overzealous about his "mission." Stands at about 4 feet tall and has green skin, with two antennae protruding from his head and large ruby eyes. Owns a optimistic SIR unit whose name is GIR and loves Zim very much. Goal is to take over and/or destroy the Earth. Dislikes humans and almost everything related to humans. Archrival is Dib, a classmate at "Skool" who is determined to capture Zim to save the planet and become a famous paranormal investigator. Zim is based in the United States where he apparently set his residence in an unknown city.

2.) A TV show that premiered on the TV channel Nickelodeon on March 30, 2001. Created by Jhonen Vasquez, directed by Steve Ressel. Stars Richard Horvitz as Zim, Rosearik Rikki Simons as GIR, Andy Berman as Dib and Melissa Fahn as Gaz. Was cancelled in 2002, but completed episodes were released on DVD in 2004.
1.) "Invader Zim, signing off!" - Zim
2.) I like the show "Invader Zim".
by anonymous April 20, 2005
The best show on the planet that was cancelled due to Nickelodon being the most pussy network ever with no idea how great they had become. (they then proceeded to cancell all other good shows like kennan and kel, and the original cast of All That, and instead started showing Spongebob)
IZ has made words like "moose, pig, cow, taco, taquito, and doom" the best words on the planet.
The show has sprouted a huge fanbase that has produced many merchendise years after its cancellation.
Invader Zim was the best thing that ever happened to the cartooning world, and we should all worship Jhonen Vasquez.
Gir and Minimoose are the coolest, cutest things ever!
Man, i was watching disc 6 of Invader Zim and then turned on Nickelodeon, they were playing Spongebob. I then proceeded to bash the T.V. screen in with a hammer... I love Invader Zim...
I need tacos! i need them or ill explode, that happens to me sometimes...
my... my... my taquitoes... TAQUITOES!!!!!
Lets rain some DOOM upon the DOOMED inhabitants of this DOOMED planet
IM GONNA SING THE DOOM SONG NOW! doom doom doom doom doom doom doom...
Lets go to my room pig!
by Doomed Moose February 26, 2006
was one of the most awesome shows on TV. about a little green alien whos leaders want to get rid of him. they send him on a "secret mission" hoping he'll die along the way. Now, he thinks hes sent to conqour earth with his robot slave Gir (cutest thing ever). He enrolls into a local school and only a large headed crazy boy named Dib can see through his crappy disguise.
Tallest: didnt we banish you to foodcourtia?

Zim: oh I quit when I found out about this!

Tallest: you quit being banished!?
by Farawen March 21, 2005
i love invader zim it is the best show that ever appeared on nickelodeon and it will always be, kinda sucks that the ass holes at nickelodeon canceled it what idiots!! retards!!
nickelodeon sucks ass and should be killed and defaced in its grave on television after being defecated on for cancelling invader zim
by kite822 May 06, 2005
one of a dying era of GOOD NICKELODEON CARTOONS that was cancelled tragically because the creator, jhonen vasquez, wanted to form a writer's union. seriously. damn capitalists!
dib:Mrs. Bitters, why dont they just spend the money they spent on prizes on our school?
bitters:that answer was not in the video
by Morthonk the Goblinator October 31, 2003
the best show nickelodeon ever had, but since it's been cancels, all of the other show on nick are gay and no one watches that channelle anymore exept for worm babies.
funny drawn piggies, different sized eyes. kooliest show in the world.
by catherine February 28, 2005
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