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To be drunk and high at the same time.
Salem- "Jason are you drunk bro?"
Jason- "FUCK YEA DUDE, im intoxicated..."
Salem- "well wanna smoke a blunt?, then you can be intoxifaded!"
Salem & Jason- "hahahahaha"
by Salem G December 18, 2008
The state of being drunk and high at the same time usually when you have had alot of alcohol and smoked a shit ton of pot.
Jack-dude lets get intoxifaded
Wayne-what's intoxifaded
Jack-drink this vodka and smoke this reefer and you'll find out
by fuckoffcunt32 June 24, 2014
1)simultaneously being under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

2) the act of being fucked up.
dude last night you were so intoxifaded you ate part of the couch cushion!
by UT to CA February 01, 2011
To be so intoxicated to the point that you're faded, aka= intoxifaded
Melissa: "Ariel are you drunk?"
Ariel: "Oh my god girlfriend i'm not drunk i'm INTOXIFADED"
Melissa: "Oh my god, we totally have to put that under"
Ariel: "Ok, as long as you copywrite it under my name"
by MElly and Ariel July 22, 2006

a state of being

to be drunk and high at the same time

not just a lite buzz either, but to be totally wasted and stoned outts your mind at the same time

intoxicated-faded.... get it?
jimmy: dude how was that party last night?

josh:killer. i was so intoxifaded that i collapsed in the kitchen.
by lovebabefor July 09, 2009
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