A band that is good despite everyone on this site tearing them to shreds for some stupid as fuck reason.
Interpol is good. Joy Division is good. Editors are good. Shut up.
by peebags July 26, 2011
Band originated and based in New York City. Thanklessly stalked, thankfully talented and valued for oblique lyrics amidst a sea of torrentious and torrid melodies. This is the band everyone waited for and a minority fell for.
Interpol is perhaps the greatest band of its time.
by Ms.H.Caulfield August 22, 2005
An excellent gloom-rock-indie-band from NYC.
What is that gloomy but excellent sound coming from the CD player?

Why, it's Interpol, of course!
by Pretty Good Lookin' Girl May 31, 2004
a cool indie band from NYC... so cool
Paul Paul...Intepol! hell yeah
by Reki Banks July 04, 2005
One of the greatest bands ever.

They became popular when they're second CD antics came out, but fans say that there 1st album, Turn on the bright lights is better.

they have sort of a deep sound to them,

they're the kinda band that is Ok at first then gets stuck in your head and drives you crazy

she wants revenge is a gay rip-off of interpols original sound.
Interpol is the best band ever! i love paul!!!!!)2-31u93259-23
by Gerrit Kelder May 29, 2006
the whitest band of all time.
Who is this band that has no soul at all? Oh it's Interpol.
by SJ2000 September 11, 2005
1. A place that sends papers with information on it to people who need it.
2. You will know that you bring my vapors, every time that you pass through this room. Walk through this room. Daaaaaphne, you fiiiind me.
3. NESMonster's favorite band (search for me), he's more than willing to talk music with anyone who agrees.
1. Bob: This just in from interpol, this fax machine is actually a copier!
Jim: Well I'll be damned.
2. You fell for my memory. Daaaaaphne!
3. Interpol toured in Portland and I was the only one not wearing black at the concert.
by NESMonster February 02, 2004

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