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A noun that describes an individual who is a heavy internet user, usually to the point where they know every meme/viral video to date, whilst maintaining a constant lookout for new ones. An Internite's physical appearance is often (but not always) a Caucasian, pimple infested heavy-set male, whose aesthetic deficiencies severely outweigh his/her ability to communicate with the opposite sex. Internites are nocturnal creatures, often preferring colder, dark isolated environments. Since hygiene isn't a priority, these individuals are generally quite smelly. Due to their daily seclusion from life, they are also known to be very weird and quite socially awkward.
Ted is such an internite, all he does is go around saying annoying/overused memes, like 'cool story bro' and 'haha, I trolled you'. F*cking weirdo.
by IsraelHands09 July 25, 2011
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