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Internet gonads. The increased level of bravado shown amongst members of a chat room or internet forum. This allows the members to say things to one another that they would never say face to face, for fear of getting their asses whipped.
Man I ran into Yourcarsux69 the other day and I was just about to run up and kick his ass. But then I was surprised to find out he is actually not such a prick like he is on-line. I guess he just grows a pair of internads when he logs onto the nets.
by Alan Clark December 08, 2007
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A virtual set of balls that lets you say something online you would never be man enough to say in person.
On a dating site: "Can you believe this ugly, homeless-looking dude just messaged me? Total internads. He'd never have the nerve to talk to me in person."

On blog comments: "Did you see all those hateful comments under the gay marriage story? Either there's a lot of scary homophobes out there, or a bunch of pussies just found their internads."
by GSBJim February 28, 2012
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