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The polite way to tell people to shut the fuck up. Always insinuated, but never followed.
Now class, remember to use your inside voices while visiting to the museum.

But Miss Teacher...

For fuck's sake, I said 'inside voices', Tommy.
by RadioactivePuppy March 18, 2011
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An inside voice is the voice you use when you're inside somebody.
"I just love your poon," said Tyler in his inside voice.

"Unggh, unggh!" said Barbara, pumping away furiously.
by scodder June 09, 2010
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when you say something you're thinking that you shouldn't have said out loud
Gee, that guy's really a jerk, did i say that out loud? Maybe i shouldn't use my inside voice.
by gcdude540 July 14, 2006
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The voice a man uses when he's inside of a woman.
Aw yeah, baby, you know you wanna hear my inside voice.
by Necrosys March 11, 2015
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