Something two or more annoying people make up so they can exclude others.
Person: Hi. Did you take that test? I think I got that one about elephants totally wrong!

Group of annoying people: PURPLE ELEPHANT!!! *burst out laughing*

Person: Ummmm....

Group: Its an INSIDE JOKE. We can't tell you what it means!

Person: I don't care what it means.


Person: Umm okay...
by 3RDIE November 23, 2010
When two or more of your friends randomly laugh at a word or phrase you said and you have no idea why and it confusess the hell out of you and when you go and try and find out they dont tell you because it's an "inside joke"
Me: anyway i was having french toast the other day and....
Person 1: OMG!!!
Person 2: LOL!!!
Person 1 and 2: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Me: Wats so funny about French Toast???
Person 1: Sorry we cant tell you
Person 2: Yeah... Its an inside joke
Me : Damn it
by T.T.P February 24, 2010
a joke only understood by an exclusive group of people.. usually they are used to annoy/leave out/embarrass/show off, to outsiders who don't undertand
John: "hahahha!! remember!!??! do you want fries with that??"

Jane: "oh my god!! HAHAHAH! we are so funny, that's a great inside joke!!"

Outsider: *aw i don't get it.. i feel so left out*
by TheTotallyAnnonymousPerson July 08, 2009
A joke that few people know that can be remembered from a specific event . Can be very, very funny when used in the right conversation. ITS BANNED FROM THE URBAN DICTIONARY JUST SO YOU KNOW.
(William)"Hey Sean, that guys wearing low riders"
(Sean) "You mean a "crack magnet"
(William)Hah, I remember that Inside Joke!!!Hah!!
by THATAWKWARDGUY6996 January 28, 2014
An inside joke is a joke only understood and funny to only two or more people or a specific group. No one else other than that group will understand the joke and when they do, they will almost always not find it funny. They are usually jokes where "you had to be there" to even find it remotely funny.
A group of friends are walking around at the mall.
Girl 1: Trash can!!
(group bursts out in laughter except for one other girl)
Girl 2: why's that funny?
Group: Inside joke...
Girl 2: Okay then...
by Your Username Here October 14, 2009
A Joke that only a few people will ever get. Ever. Ousiders never find them funny once they're explained, because you had to bee there at the time.

Me and my bffs Meg, Rea, and Oceana (collectivley known as NEN have a lot of inside Jokes.
The inside jokes of NEN include....(:)

No Explanation Needed,
Blondie and her dancing Ns,
Red Skinned Potato,
Add an A,
Y intercept,
And many more....
by Desire Lupin June 19, 2009
NOUN: Something for stupid people to post as their Facebook status, that they think is hilarious but truly sucks camel diyuk; sometimes followed by (U wudnt kno) or (INSIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
That is's-it's..and inside joke stupid.
by Carlos Mom March 16, 2010

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