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A disturbed, sweet girl, rather confused about love. However, an Ingry would be very kind and would know her faults, as well as she would be very emotional and amusing. Some people may refer to a girl as an Ingry because she is pretty and nice by appearance, but is really sarcastic and cynical, and one of the most violent people you could come across.
That girl in the corner is so pretty, but I think she's an Ingry. Haven't you seen her pop those pills?
by Inkeniare Khyielle March 28, 2005
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When you get injured, like a stubbed toe or some such painful occurrence that makes you mad at those around you. Especially if they laugh at you.
Jill: Ouch I just hit my leg on this coffee table!!!
Joe: haha
Jill: You're a jerk it's not funny!
Joe: You're just ingry... you'll get over it.
by Jersey Nurse April 01, 2011

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