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awesome west coast powerviolence band that also had a slight affection for burritos.
Lets get a burrito and listen to infest...
by Saxon March 08, 2005
A combination of the word fest (party) and incest.

It refers to the act of incest, but as a positive term, like "fest" in "beerfest". The word's origin dates back to the Garden of Eden and the short period after, when the only way for the human race to pass it's genes on was, you guessed it, infest. It was a great time.

After all; nothing's like family.
"I had sex with my granddaughter last night"
"Sounds like a great party"
"No, it was more than that. It was infest!"
by Granddaddy October 23, 2011
is the second album from the band Papa Roach. It was released in 2000 and features the songs Infest, Last Resort, and others. This album recieved a grammy nod.
Listening to Infest, classic Papa Roach.
by xxBlack Flagxx July 11, 2010
to open your head up and see what's going on
We're going to infest. We're getting in you head
by Matt April 01, 2005
to screw a family member because you are unable to find anyone else
my mom was so hot last night
by cheese November 05, 2003
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