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MMOG developed by Harmless Games, published by Sony Online Entertainment(SOE). Innovative design idea, languished due to lack of development. Characterized by its third-person-overview interface and wide variety of gameplay styles, including standard capture-the-flag, hybrid-RPG, and tactical space combat.
Hey man, I heard you play Infantry.
by Bogus October 18, 2004

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1) An enjoyable game where people spend almost all their timing typing insults across the chat instead of playing.
2) A chatroom with monsters.
Person #1>Omg0t i kn0e yuo hakcx1!!11

Person #2>Stufur j00 r t3h n0bber lololz I pw00nr j00r ez $$ piee

Person #1>Omgfugot i r report j00 to t3h admins leave b4 they bant jo0 noob
by Sano October 26, 2004