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1) An enjoyable game where people spend almost all their timing typing insults across the chat instead of playing.
2) A chatroom with monsters.
Person #1>Omg0t i kn0e yuo hakcx1!!11

Person #2>Stufur j00 r t3h n0bber lololz I pw00nr j00r ez $$ piee

Person #1>Omgfugot i r report j00 to t3h admins leave b4 they bant jo0 noob
by Sano October 26, 2004
the sound made by a person,while pointing in any direction, to distract another in order to gank something.
guy 1: "Yo man, what's up? bairnt!!!"
guy 2: (turns to look, then sees guy 1 running away laughing.)
by Sano November 16, 2004
The next level of ownage.
Windoze crashed your PC? - Pwnij!!!
by Sano January 26, 2004
A term in rock climbing, describes completing a lead route without falling. The climber must not know anything beforehand about the route or have watched someone else climb it. See flash and redpoint.
I made the first ascent of this route by onsighting it because it was probably only a 5.7.
by sano September 21, 2003
In rock climbing, describes leading a route without falling after receiving information about the route beforehand or watching someone else climb it. See onsight and redpoint.
After my buddy told me how to surpass the crux of the route, I was able to flash it with ease.
by sano September 21, 2003
Used as a noun, butt snack (also pronounced buttshhhnack) refers to a dumbass individual who fully believes in their own little deranged world that they are cool and/or funny.
Brian being the buttshhhnack that he is, thinks that he's funny.
by sano April 22, 2004
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