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The major that my idiot pledge son thought would be fun to experiment with, causing his head to explode following second semester finals. Also known as an excuse to not sleep for 3 days straight.
Zach: Hey dude what are you doing
Nick: Drinking
Zach: I wish my life didn't suck but id does because I'm in Industrial Engineering.
by Fuzzy buns Mcgee May 09, 2005
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College major adopted by prospective engineers dauted by courses in circuits, physical chemistry, thermodynamics, statics, fluid and soil mechanics, genetics, C++, talking to girls, and sobriety. The type that registers for that Stochastic Models class because he thinks it involves naked Croatian shutter fodder.

Nuclear engineering student: Yo Witness, word has it you dropped the bomb on civil engineering.
Mechanical engineering student: Yeah, you fumbling toward the Interesting and Easy?
Civil engineering student: Imaginary Engineering?
Biomedical engineering student: Inside Edition?
Industrial engineering student: My cat's breath smells like cat food.
by Witness10mm October 06, 2005
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