A word which means being yourself in anyway. You can like to things at once such as music. rap and rock. You can wear converses with a pink shirt. A black shirt one day a pink one next day. Be your self! ^.^
I wore a black shirt today.
Next day a white shirt.
by Insert Name Here4446 April 28, 2005
usually a person who does whatever they want, when they want, how they want. this included the music the listen to (which usually includes some sort of indie), the clothes they wear and who they are friends with. kind of odd, because they're arent many individuals but its all about doing whatever you want.

sometimes though, there are kids who go out of their way to be indivivuals, this includes listening to stupid scene bands or copying off an individual.
Bitch: i like your shoes.
individual: thanks dog, they were only five bucks!!
Bitch: where'd you get them?
individual: er, hot topic, lame i know haha. i dont really prefer the whole goth scene and that store, but i liked the shoes.
(Bitch takes mental note)

...the next day
Bitch: look at my shoes dog.
individual: those are the ones i was weraing yesterday.
Bitch: i know i got them at hot topic.
individual: fuck.
by newSLANG May 12, 2007
A word which people use to describe themselves instead of simply saying, "I'm better than you."
I'm an individual. My taste in music is too complex for your simple mind.
by shmendrik October 21, 2010
used to describe a person who is completely themselves, never afraid to be who they are, not worrying about what other people think of them. these people also tend to be completely respectable, friendly, and just plain awesome. Individuals cannot be put into a category because they act how they want, not how others want them to. they can think outside the box, because they are not confined by others to think only about certain things. they have butt-loads of creativity, which means that they can come up with a completely original idea, or an idea that was influenced by others' thoughts. contrary to the popular belief of those without it, creativity is NOT "forgetting who you stole from", but rather an ability that is looked down on in the adult world.
John: ummm, dude? why are you doing that?
Finn: why not?
John: because the popular people say that that's not cool!
Finn: i don't care what they think. they aren't the boss of me!
John: wow. that's awesome. you're an individual, aren't you?
Finn: i don't like labels, bro.
John yup, you're an individual alright
by A-person_yay February 19, 2014
The word 'Individual' , when used in the context of describing a person "Im Individual" Is highly oxymoronic.
For someone to be individual (we'll take girls for an example) They break away from the punk/chav/townie etc... background they once had, and don the clothes similar to that of a Scene Fairy, and load their iPod with bands such as Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the disco.
The irony if it is, an 'Individual' is NOT individual, they origonally set out to break away from steryo-types, and be a free person, but they wind up in another group, labelled as an Individual, along with the rest of their 'Individual' Friends that look exactly the same as them.
Fall out boy are awesome, because Im individual.... Just like everyone else!
by TomCuk September 22, 2007
if you had to look this up, you are not one
UD made me put this here for pepole who need an example, individual
by dinkymcsinky May 16, 2008
A person who feels the need to do the opposite of everyone else just to be cool. They constantly call people who don't try to be individual "sheep". This is quite ironic really, becasue the only reason they decided to become an individual in the first place was because everyone else was.
Individual: OMG you like mainstream music! You are so unindividual! Stop liking stuff becasue everyone else does you sheep!

Me: And why is it you became individual?
by sadistic_monkey July 23, 2006

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