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Someone who immediately puts some obscure indie band on their iPod after it was featured on some show (The O.C., Scrubs etc.) and try to act like they are cool and knew who they were all along.
After Eels was on The O.C. everyone become indie posers and downloaded their album.
by Brody K. January 27, 2007
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Let me first start out by saying that being Indie does not fit into a particular group. Indie stands for Independant, as in on you're own, against social cliques, there for saying, "I am Indie," would defeat the purpose.

An Indie poser is indeed someone who thinks and says that they're Indie. The obviously try too hard by trying to pull of weird colorful looks that just turn out looking gross. An Indie poser probably has no idea about any local or Indie/alternative bands. And if they do, it's obvious they don't enjoy them because they can't speak deeply about the music.
Indie kids do their own thing, they are their own person. They have unique interests and are usually intelligent and pretty deep.

So the kids who are obviously shallow, try too hard, don't care for deep conversations, and hide their true interests... but dress and listen to Indie music and call themselves Indie, are indeed not Indie.
The following is an example of the daily life of a Poser Indie kid trying to fit in:

True Indie Kid: I was watching Donnie Darko last night, and I just realized how fascinating the quality of the cinematography was, and the music choice really reflected the true agony and confusion I felt Donnie was going through.

Poser Indie Kid: uhm... yeah the giant bunny is so fucking.. uhm... rad. I uhm.. really like the... quality.....??

True Indie Kid: Okay man whatever

Bottom line--- If you try to be or want to be Indie, you never will. Because you are not.

Indie Posers are whack and retarded.
by impeach November 03, 2007
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Usually a really rich brat who tries to act like they love the environment even though they drive a Toyota SUV. They constantly talk about going to college in Colorado and try to make radical statements which are often not radical in any shape or form. They also use polaroid instant cameras and use film cameras for taking their facebook or myspace profile pictures. They are normally underage and act like they will be the one that will change the world. They also constantly talk about the Beatles, John Lennon, and The Flaming Lips.

"So did you hear that Alex is going to Colorado for college?"

"Yea and his parents are letting him take his 4Runner, he'll fit in really well with all those other indie posers."
by Miles1731 January 01, 2009
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a wannabe person that goes out of their own way to fall under the category of an "indie"
they usually dye their hair bright colors, such as red, and tear their tights on purpose. they are usally shit talkers, and a patsy, thry are suppoedly madly in love
An indie poser is a kid, an annoying kid that is most likely freshman in high school, usually a girl, that wanders around with no friends looking to be cool in other words a poser, then calling her scene boyfriend and talks about how red her hair is. yeah, it sounds pretty stupid
by TeenageInformer March 05, 2011
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people who overdress themselves with cool fashionable clothes, and say that they listen to a lot of music. they usually listen to horrible barely indie bands like the yeah yeah yeahs, white stripes, the faint, and the strokes.
Will: Look at that awesome kid with all those buttons on his cool designer shirt. Maybe we should go see if he is interested in the same music as us.
Bill: Let's go for it.
Indie Poser: What's up
Will: What are your favorite indie bands?
Indie poser: a month ago I bought that new Strokes my hair messed up?
Bill: What an indie poser.
by samuel July 18, 2004
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An Indie Poser is an individual who decides to go "indie" because they want to try to be "different". They will most likely take bubblegum pop music and change the song title, artist and album name, and also the album artwork so that it looks as though it were indie. They also try to get the "indie look" by wearing stupid crap that doesn't match. When asked what stereotype they would consider themselves, they will usually respond, "Oh, I'm SOO indie." If you check their iPod, they will say, "You probably won't know any of the bands, they're ALL INDIE." You must avoid these people. They are obnoxious and dumb.
Indie: Hey, have you ever heard of "She Who Paints Walls"? It's this fairly new indie band.
Indie Poser: LOL yeah! I have all of their songs!
Indie: You do realize I just made that up, right?
Indie Poser: ....
by PenguinHats October 15, 2012
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