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An Indie Poser is an individual who decides to go "indie" because they want to try to be "different". They will most likely take bubblegum pop music and change the song title, artist and album name, and also the album artwork so that it looks as though it were indie. They also try to get the "indie look" by wearing stupid crap that doesn't match. When asked what stereotype they would consider themselves, they will usually respond, "Oh, I'm SOO indie." If you check their iPod, they will say, "You probably won't know any of the bands, they're ALL INDIE." You must avoid these people. They are obnoxious and dumb.
Indie: Hey, have you ever heard of "She Who Paints Walls"? It's this fairly new indie band.
Indie Poser: LOL yeah! I have all of their songs!
Indie: You do realize I just made that up, right?
Indie Poser: ....
by PenguinHats October 15, 2012

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