One of those states OVERTHERE
So you don't know or care where Indiana is either?
by Aaron July 06, 2003
home of crazy basketball fans, farmers, the hood in gary, the crappy city of indianapolis, and lots of drug trafficing
indiana is the sterotype of the midwest
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
Indiana is a popular Swedish slang word for "Hello"

Indiana is used mainly in the popular cities such as Gothenburg, Malmo.

The slang word, Indiana, is only used by the most notorious and classey Swedes.
Swed 1: Indiana! how's den gående?
Swed 2: Jag er brunn hur omkring du?
by Its a hit! August 30, 2009
To screw up badly in a Tomb Raider game resulting in not being able to see the luscious legs.
I was doing well, then did an Indiana.
by George July 03, 2003
A territory in the middle western United States where northern and southern inhabitants alike have interbred for centuries to create a unique population. The indigenous species of this state may have the propensity to watch NASCAR, own trucks with rust problems, and may utter the sound "agoogoo" frequently.
Man 1: This here truck can't get me home quick enough to watch that thar NASCAR racin'.
Man 2: agoogoo, you betcha!
by Mike July 06, 2003
Italian's way of saying "Indian"
"What's your nationality?"
"I'm-a half-a italian-o and-a indian-a!"
by munKii poO July 01, 2003
The place where i'm from. It pretty much sucks unless you live where I do. Its called Carmel. Carmels nice unlike the rest of those hicks who we live around. Most people say we should build a wall around ourselves to keep out the corn, farmers, rednecks, and thugs out. But i guess it really isn't that bad. Not as bad as kentucky at least.
Indiana has nothing but corn and carmel in it.
by nhsbizzle May 22, 2006

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