Terrible place to live for the most part. However, the birth place of AXL ROSE! Also, to the guy who said Kokomo was the huge KKK meeting, I thought that was Elwood, IN?
Guy: Where you from?
Me: Indiana :(
Guy: Indiana has produced nothing good. Ever.
Me: Bitch, AXL ROSE!!!!
by Jackson Townshend November 19, 2005
1. Suburb of Chicago
2. Home of the Indianapolis 500 where a bunch of guys drive around in cirles for 500 miles
3. Home to belching, polluting steel plants
4. Birthplace of Michael Jackson
I wuz in the infield of the indy 500 atop a pile of homespun steel not too far from Chicago when I noticed a guy doin' the moon walk
by grunkster July 03, 2003
A state in the mid west that is full of racist kkk members. It is believed that this state belongs in the deep sounth between Alabama and Arkansas.

Indiana is a flat, green, humid, corn-pone state.
When I was in Indiana, I joined the KKK and ate corn.
by TofuDog September 25, 2006
home of crazy basketball fans, farmers, the hood in gary, the crappy city of indianapolis, and lots of drug trafficing
indiana is the sterotype of the midwest
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
The Armpit of the Midwest
"I'm from Indiana."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
by Not From Indiana (Thank God) July 03, 2003
Indiana is a popular Swedish slang word for "Hello"

Indiana is used mainly in the popular cities such as Gothenburg, Malmo.

The slang word, Indiana, is only used by the most notorious and classey Swedes.
Swed 1: Indiana! how's den gående?
Swed 2: Jag er brunn hur omkring du?
by Its a hit! August 30, 2009
To screw up badly in a Tomb Raider game resulting in not being able to see the luscious legs.
I was doing well, then did an Indiana.
by George July 03, 2003

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