Considered the "Cross Roads of America." It is known for basketball, corn, and racing, but is now known for football, running, and other sports as well. People from Indiana are called "Hoosiers" (see definition) and are percieved as sleepy red-necks (not always accurate). It is a very agriculturally rich part of the United States.
I am from the wonderful state of Indiana.
by Michael Johnson February 06, 2004
a great state which is not only filled with corn and rednecks like just about all city slickers think of. its got the indy 500, indianapolis colts, indiana pacers, and other sports teams. its also the hometown of benjamin harrison. i was born in new york but now live in indianapolis and every time i visit new york and people ask me where i live i tell them indianapolis and they think im a hic, even though indianapolis is the 12th fuckin largest city in the US and gary indiana is really how the fuck do people think its rednecks? sure it has its rural farming areas, but not in naptown (indianapolis), the 12th largest city in the USA.
-yo man where you from?
-im from naptown, bitch!
-indianapolis? you must be a redneck. go grow some corn.
-fuck no man indianapolis is bigger than where you probly from.
by Bdan August 05, 2006
a state in the midwest under michigan and between illinois and ohio where i live :-D
I live in Indiana...
by James July 03, 2003
Capitalized. One of the 48 continental United States of America.
Indiana is famous for it's steel mills.
by Latifa July 02, 2003
For you people who poke fun of this state without ever being here, I could say a whole lot about your state:

MI: jobless and the country's worst economy
IL: crooked politicians
KY: hillbillies
OH: jobless 20 years ago and jobless now
CA: A-holes
AZ: you were ranked as the "dumbest" state and too many illegals--GET OUT!!!
NJ: decay. decay. decay
MA: jerks
NY: arrogant
MN: liberal pieces of crap
FL: learn how to vote, stupid.
SC: traitors and first to start a losing war
LA: backward cajuns and political corruption
IA: conceited without reason. hell, your'e not even Kansas
Indiana is extremely descent and average. Not just hicks, basketball and corn.
by krock1dk July 29, 2007
Indiana is a state full of sweet, humble, thoughtful, courteous and intelligent people. It has gas stations and shopping malls just like every other state everywhere but luckily people don't act like they're too cool to live here and they're destined for bigger things like some kind of dipshit character from Footloose. Yes the KKK was here at one time, but so was the Levi Coffin House, known as "The Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad" so suck it, whitey! We have the dunes, the East Race Waterway, multiple state parks and forests such as Turkey Run and Mounds State Parks, quaint rural towns, the art and bicycling community of Lake Wynona, metropolitan areas such as Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, the amazing architecture of Columbus, a beautiful resort in French Lick. More importantly here's what we're not: We're not some city that a bunch of people decided was cool, left their home states for and caused overpopulation and rent hikes. We're not full of trendy assholes, so that's pretty nice for us. Leaving your town to go somewhere that other people made cool just makes you a follower and you can't claim responsibility. While you are here, make the place you live better, that would be an actual accomplishment and a contribution to your community.
I attend and participate in events and take vacations in my home state of Indiana because I care about the place where I live and am not a waste of a human being.
by WoWzErS! April 24, 2013
We have hicks/ rednecks (there is nothing wrong with that), basketball, a pretty awesome football team, we are crazy for racing, we are the birth place of James Dean (the coolest dude ever) and Larry Bird. Corn, steel, soybeans and wheat comes in an abundant amount. We have the 12 largest city and one of the scariest one's at that (Gary) but we also make up some of the smallest cities ever that consist of two churches, some houses, a volunteer fire dept. and a park *cough cough* my town *cough*.
Its hard to drive in Indiana and not see cows, pigs, goat or chickens.

It's a pretty state though, most of the time. We are growing in the sports area big time. We have farms everywhere and us small town kids for Indiana can kick anyones butt, so don't mess with a Hoosier, we might not be all that famous of a state but trust me you don't want to make one of us mad (it's been proven most Hoosiers have Irish in them.)
Indiana will be holding the 2012 super-bowl!
by Gretchen Wilson April 19, 2010
A state that is not actually completely full of hicks and corn, as many people of the coastal persuasian are led to believe. Most important exports include: James Dean, Jim Gaffigan, the guys who run, Red Skelton, Axl Rose, The Jackson 5, Hoagy Carmichael, David Letterman, Anne Baxter, Karl Malden and David Lee Roth was sort of here for a while.
Indiana is not completely full of hicks, and famous people of the non-Jackson variety have emerged from it.
by JudySaysGetHappy July 06, 2009
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