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A person who proposes that you buy something from them, but upon agreeing to buy, loses all interest in selling their item.

Similar to the definition "Indian Giver" however there was nothing that had been exchanged in this instance.

Typically people who do this have no male genitalia, and abuse the item that they possess by dowsing them in semen...In these instances you're better off keeping your money upon a time comes that you can actually buy an item that isn't riddled with baby batter.
Here is an example, with a name typical of an Indian seller.

David Gregson: "Do you want to buy my iphone?"

Awesome Guy: "Yes"

David Gregson: "I don't want to sell it anymore, I still haven't finished dowsing it in semen"

Awesome Guy: "F**K*NG INDIAN SELLER!"

David Gregson: "Call me names as much as you want, I cant hear you whilst I'm fornicating with my item"
by Potential Buyer October 10, 2012
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