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Indent(N.) - a pain in the ass (both sexually and otherwise)
Indent(V.) - to cause pain in the ass

Indenting - to cause pain in the ass

Indented - to have caused pain in the ass, or to have been caused pain in the ass

(1) That kid is such an indent.
(2) I gave her an indent last night.

(1) He's going to indent me later.

(1) Stop indenting me and go annoy someone else.

(1) I indented the Officer with my refusal to comply.
by Gtboy4 October 27, 2011
What you call really really small boobs on a chick because they're so tiny they're practically backwards.
"Did you guys see Julie, she has the opposite of tits, they're indents!"
by se├▒ormachosolo February 11, 2009
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