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To invest your money in a women's breasts by paying for their inlargment. Usually in hope of getting something in return.
Guy 1: I just payed to inlarge my wife's boobs, now im practicly broke.
Guy 2: Really? How much did you increase them?
Guy 1: Size B to D
Guy 2: Wow thats a big inbreastment.
Guy 1: Ya but im gona get laid like theres no tommorow.
by GRJ0606 November 04, 2009
The act of pursuing a relationship with a young girl with the expectation that her bosom will grow over the course of the relationship, thus creating the return on your inbreastment.
"Dude, I heard your dating like six 13 year old girls."
"Yea man you gotta diversify your inbreastments."
by alswell December 27, 2008
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