An inbetweener, as implied by the name is a male neither a boy nor a man,it is that perfect inbetween stage where looks are still pumping strong but nothing is yet wrinkled.
Also this stage allows for the awesomeness of a younger male with the maturity of a man.
An inbetweener is not fickle and wants to have fun.

Girls love the inbetweeners because they are the perfect combination.
He is the perfect inbetweener for me says sally to joy
by alone on a swing October 15, 2011
A hermaphrodite.
Nobody could tell that Jordan was an inbetweener, despite the fact that she had a luxurious happy trail on her six pack, and that she's had pubes since she was in Kindergarten.
by Spatchmo December 23, 2009
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