In Flames is a pregressinve-deathmeta/thrash metal band that was created in the thriving environment of Gothenburg, Sweden. They usually make me feel proud to be part Scandinavian. Sure, people complain about them turning into nu-metal bands that closely resemble Linkin Park or Korn. But I still love their stuff, exept for the song "System"
Sadly their originality is slowly deteriorating over the years, maybe they will be the best if they teamed up with Children Of Bodom.
Haha! now THAT will seriously kick every band's asses into oblivion!
Opeth are not from Sweden you ignorant dog-carcass-fucking-assholes
by Esplender December 20, 2004
Gods of metal, still. Though they maye have lost a little inertia with StYE and maybe Reroute, this doesn't undermine all the work they had done so far, and Come Clarity is a very good sign of their comeback. Their melodic richness and style are unmatched. Groups like Opeth that have no musical systematic, whose songs are composed of random irrelevant melodies, and whose vocals are not vocals but rather are groanings are not even slightly comparable to In Flames.
I hate In Flames because they have stopped me from liking any other band.
by shunketsu September 04, 2007
Gods of Melodic Death Metal, when your download any In Flames songs off iTunes it has a special way to download In Flames and if it didn't download it like that the iPod would just blow up from the sheer awesomeness.
Fred: Whats the godlike sound coming from your earbuds jimmy?

Jimmy: In Flames, o btw fred you can go get a towel and clean your saliva puddle off the floor.
by SXEFTW June 07, 2010
One of the greatest European metal bands out there, and my number one favorite band. Although they are awesome, Opeth is the better band out of Sweden.

Best songs:

Stand Ablaze
December Flower
Goliaths Disarm Their Davids
Jester Script Transfigured
Episode 666
Bullet Ride
Square Nothing
Insipid 2000
Cloud Connected
Quiet Place
My Sweet Shadow
In Search For I
Take This Life
Come Clarity
Crawl Through Knives
Person #1: "In Flames kicks ass!"
Person #2: "Aww, yeah, scissor!"
by Sora124 June 17, 2007
An awesome band from Sweden founded in the early 90's. They are famous for their legendary riffs and songs so catchy it is not tiring to listen to after a couple of re-runs.

However at the dawn of Reroute to Remain, they started sounding mainstream. I don't know why they'd done it (probably to attract a larger crowd aside from their current fanbase), but they still got their own harmonious riffs, just not as good from way back.
Some of their finest songs:

- Stand Ablaze
- Ever Dying
- Moonshield
- Jotun
- The Hive
- Food for the Gods
- Dialogue with the Stars
- Embody the Invisible
- Morphing into Primal

(Some of their best albums are Whoracle, Jester Race Black Ash Inheritance and Lunar Strain)
by Welp June 19, 2004
One of the pioneers of melodic death metal (although it resembles more of a melodic "thrash" than "death" metal). They became a band kids recovering from nu-metal/mallcore would quickly pick up on. Eventually the band drifted closer and closer to commercial friendly "extreme" music starting with Reroute to Remain, which honestly wasn't that bad. From there, they made Soundtrack to Your Escape, a joke of an album where they forget they were good with solos and replaced their music with generic techno and nonsense nu-metal noise. Some people will excuse them and say, "the band needed to change, do you want them to recycle the same album over and over?!" while non-stupid people can simply see a bland desperate attempt to be the next Linkin Park here. Maturing your sound and conforming to market-researched music are two different things people! Thus another blatant sell-out band is born.
Kids who think they're cynnical about Linkin Park and listen to the new In Flames are funny for obvious reasons.
by Jose Angeles December 11, 2004
a kick ass band from Sweden who along with Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates help create the genre known as melodic death metal, they have released a total of ten studio albums, starting with the album reroute to remain they took on a lighter sound because they started having a tough time playing their songs live so they wanted to focus on making songs that would sound better live while still maintaining a unique sounds (at least until a bunch of people copied them)

great old songs:
episode 666
the hive
as the future repeats today
lord hypnos
only for the weak

great new songs:
cloud connected
take this life
the quiet place
my sweet shadow
crawl through knives
where the dead ships dwell
sounds of a playground fading
person with good taste in music: IN FLAMES RULES AND ARE LIVING GODS!!!!!!
by inflameswetrust July 20, 2011
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