Definitely a kick ass band. Also, one of the best melodic death metal bands out there. If you like this band, listen to Children Of Bodom and you will change your mind that In Flames is the best band ever
Yeah, In Flames' Whoracle kicks ass, but Children Of Bodom's Hatebreeder is owns it.
by Dimmu08 January 29, 2004
they will always kick Children of shit asses ;) see the word gay
alexi laiho likes cock
jesper and all in flames rule
by awesome rick April 17, 2006
Ok I am a true In Flames not these posers who listen to STYE and RtR and Come Clarity, which are utter crap compared to before.

In Flames are one of the pioneers of the "melodic death-metal" genre along with Soilwork and At the Gates. This is true death melody with a lot of groove and thrash elements mixed together with superb musicianship. Whoracle and Colony are their best albums in my opinion because they sound so uniquely different while kicking major ass at the same time. With their beautiful acoustics mixed with badass keyboards this band truely stood out and kicked ass at the same time. A lot of shitty bands try to copy them with their sounds and fail miserably. Listen to everything up until RtR, and you can see why they are famous. Episode 666 is thier best song but every single song kicks ass even on Clayman which sounds radically different(a lot of more thrash elements) from Whoracle but stands out from most bands out there.

Releasing Reroute to Remain, they basically took a shit on everything they stand for. It's basically just really low tuned guitars with one note chords over and over with a semi-decent chorus. And his voice is trying to be clean but it's ear piercingly painful to not listen to him growl. I have no idea why they did it is such a shame because this band was once a god of metal. It's so sad to see this band sink to this level because if you can listen to Reroute to Remain and then pop in Jester Race or Lunar Strain you would be pissed off too. So sad to see such a badass band go to waste.

In Flames: Once the god of death melody, now just another sheep in the flock.

Best albums=
Lunar Strain and Subterrenean
Jester Race/Black Ash Inheritance

by True In Flames March 04, 2006
once awesome melodic death metal band that slowly regressed to some noise with nu-metal elements.
"Reroute to Remain sounds like Korn attempting death metal."
by anonymous February 06, 2004
Definately a good band but nowhere near the BEST band.

reroute to remains is total crap...

early In Flames is good but they are starting to become on par with the likes of linkin park and korn.
in flames are not the best band
by Ruger April 04, 2004
One of the biggest sellout bands of all time, only challenged by Metallica and Sepultura. One of the best melodic death metal bands in the old days, but now just another nu metal trend.
Considering how close Sweden is to Denmark, you can't help but to wonder if anyone in In Flames is related to Lars Ulrich.
by slayer123 July 17, 2004
In Flames are a Death turned Nu metal band that once was the (or one of the) greatest metal bands around. But after the release of Clayman the band went down hill making albums like Reroute To Remain
In Flames are touring with Killswitch Engage, are you gonna go?
Fuck yeah!
by Laurence April 15, 2004

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