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One of the best metal bands out there. Old albums are amazing newer albums arent as heavy. Definatly one of the best bands to to hail from sweden and maybe europe.
In flames kicks ur moms ass
by poooooooooooooooooop November 15, 2003
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Gods of metal. They own faggy pop-metal bands like Slipknot and Linkin Park. Their best songs are Episode 666, Jotun, Embody the Invisible, and Cloud Connected, and I have yet to hear a CD of theirs that is anything but excelence, even Reroute to Remain.
In Flames are fucking Gods of music, and wipe their asses with crap like Slipknot.

This is Episode 666.... Destination: Chaos!
by Jason Voorhees February 28, 2004
Best metal band ever. Period. Beware the false definitions that elude to them being something lesser.
In Flames are the current Gods of metal.
by oddling July 21, 2004
The best melodical death metal band in Scandinavia, or perhaps even the world. Has produced masterpieces such as "The Jester Race", "Whoracle", and "Clayman".
Those Linkin Park fags ain't heard nothing yet.
by Matt F. November 27, 2003
A great metal band that has slowly gotten more of a "mainstream" especially in their new cd soundtrack to your escape. Still one of the greatest "metal" bands ever.

In flames is a very good metal band that has a good unique sound, especially in their older CD's.
by Husker07 September 08, 2004
greatest band ever from gothensburg other band can come close to being as good as in flames
in flames are man made gods
by ScarryLarry November 03, 2003
In Flames is, 100%, the best band in the history of the world. People who don't like In Flames obviously haven't sat down and actually listened to the sheer brilliance of their music.
The band consists of Anders Fridén (Lead Vocals), Björn Gelotte (Guitar), Daniel Svensson (Drums), Jesper Strömblad (Guitar), and Peter Iwers (Bass).The band was formed by Jesper in 1990.
Those who say that their newer albums 'Reroute to Remain' and 'Soundtrack to Your Escape' aren't as good as their older albums are wrong. These albums have some of the most well written songs in the history of music, and just because the guitar doesn't stand out as much as in their earlier albums doesn't mean that the songs are shit.
Their newest album, 'Come Clarity', absolutely shits on the statement that they are becoming mainstream and falling into the genre of 'Nu-Metal'. Come clarity easily decimates their earlier albums.
Albums include: Lunar Strain, Subterranean, The Jester Race, Black Ash Inheritance, Whoracle, Colony, Clayman, Tokyo Showdown (Live), Reroute to Remain, Soundtrack To Your Escape, and Come Clarity.
Best Tracks: Coerced Coexistence, Crawl Through Knives, Trigger, My Sweet Shadow, Stand Ablaze, Artifacts of the Black Rain, Dead Eternity, Jotun, Episode 666... fuck it, all 110 songs are good.
In Flames has revolutionised melodic death metal, and should rightfully go down as one of the best bands ever.
In Flames are amazing
by BennyJ April 11, 2006
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