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The lead-in to many a tired old joke on Slashdot, where the punchline is a reverse of what is normal. Sometimes produces screamingly funny results, often produces a yawn.

Derived from old Yakov Smirnoff jokes, where Mr. Smirnoff (a Soviet expatriate) used to do the same thing when talking about the former Soviet Union during his routines.
In Soviet Russia, posts definitions on you!
by ke6isf November 07, 2003
Silly internet joke alluding to an episode of Family Guy. The quote from the show was,"In Soviet Russia, car drives you!" The variations of the joke is created by inverting the subject and direct object of a sentence. Often used by postwhores trying to join a conversation with no meaningful input.
In Soviet Russia, definition makes you!
by OuchyGrouchy March 01, 2005
An inside joke started on the show Family Guy. A phrase in "(subject) (verb) (noun)" form becomes, "In Soviet Russia, (noun) (verb) YOU!"


Before: I'm out of ideas.
After: In Soviet Russia, ideas run out of YOU!
In Soviet Russia, definition adds YOU!
by dj gs68 September 12, 2003
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