Classic Cars, best non-lowered, or g'd up... Classic 6 tail light design, plenty of tail lights for the riceboys to familiarize themselves with.
My '68 impala with the 383 smallblock and 2 1/2" exhaust is one badass ride.
by Musclelogic February 23, 2004
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Impala : A marvellous car by Cheverolet Motors. Luxury and speed all the way.
Impala is a wonderful speedy daemon of the road.
by Sundeep Sharma September 02, 2005
The great cruiser car from Chevrolet motors, with characteristic low center of mass for that extra stability.
Idiot, its an ambassador - not an impala.
by Sundeep September 14, 2005
Classic automobile produced by the motor company Chevrolet. Used a lot in West Coast Rap Videos & has a big part of the West Coast lifestyle, especially Impalas from the Early 1960s (mostly the 1963 & 1964 SS Models). Made famous by Eazy-E/NWA. Also the 1996 Impala SS is a big model in the west coast scene.
The Fellaz Out There Tryin' To Make That Dolla, I Pulled Up In My 6-4 Impala.
by Ruthless G December 04, 2004
an excellent chevrolet motor car and a large gazelle which feeds on accacia trees
Second-hand Car Dealer: Which impala would you prefer?

*15 minutes later*

Gang member: What the FUCK? That guy's doing drive by's on a fucking gazelle!
Driver: West Side!
by the person who shall not be named September 09, 2007
Chevrolet automobile. Popular car among West Coast/gangsta rappas.
i'm rollin outta dis joint in muh Impala. *yo shit dat sum mad nice wheels ya got there is dat Impala?
by the parsh January 31, 2003
Probably the first really successful front wheel drive cop car. The Taurus was offered as a police package in the early nineties, but failed. After the Caprice ended, the Lumina was a FWD Chevy police car, but not well-recieved. The Intrepid might have caught on too, but it's been replaced by the RWD Charger.
Move Over, Crown Victoria! The Impala is ready to roll!

The Impala is such a common police car that it is used by the NYPD.
by Mustang GT August 16, 2005
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