Incredible at writing Specifications
"WOW! Did you see that incredible spec Imogen just wrote?" Said Andy.
by tehehehe_hehehehe November 21, 2013
See Asinine
Isn't eating apple cores an Imogen thing to do
by Hayley March 27, 2004
also known as himogen, imoman or man beast.
slaggish gal dat looks like a man cant miss her muscles or fat.
well known for giving R. Sitton head. cannot fit into size 8 trousers no matter how hard she tries.
by u know June 28, 2004
An extremely un-subtle way of breaking up with someone

usually involving the sentence "It's not me, it's you"
"How am I going to break up with her"

"Just chuck an Imogen on the bitch"
by jojowhiskey2012 December 19, 2012
a word for someone who has an unusual obsession with the game.
Dude 1: Yo, who changed the music, what is this?

Dude 2: I think it was that weird looking girl by the speakers.

Dude 1: fucking imogen
by nickocunno January 04, 2013
the biggest bitch i ever seen!!! goes 2 e.p high in hanwell
imogen as imoham, imodik, imoman etc
by imogen May 27, 2004
A real idiot, a bit of a retard, really smelly , doesnt wash, flat chested, bit of a munted person, aslo sometimes called imogay
you are a disgusting imogen!
by lalalallalalaalll July 08, 2011

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