A really quirky and funny girl who doesn't like main stream music and IS NOT afraid to stand up for her friends. They also like animals and are often vegetarian.
Guy x: That girl is... quirky!
Girl z: She is Imogen
by Stacy121 July 05, 2013
Top Definition
Rare beautiful species of the girl genus. Imogens are are usually seen in groups of other girls, but never in packs of more than 17. Imogens are often refrerred to as both fabulous and fuckable, and whilst the male species makes advances, due to her shy, introverted and honest nature, often the Imogen turns him down. This results in Imogens given a bad reputation amognst not only the male genus, but within the girl genus too. Many girls are jealous of Imogens - due to her lovely nature and great ability at hugging.
Male A: She's hot.
Male B: Fo Sho my African brother.
Male A: Who is that girl? I want to know her name.
Female X: That's Imogen.
Female Y: She can be a bitch, but secretly she's only shy.
Males A+B: She's hot.
by a.non. October 29, 2007
Genius at it's height. Imogens are often very intelligent and intellectual, and have the power combination of beauty and brains. Full of passion and romance Imogens are often seen as perfect girlfriends, as they are romantic and passionate but never fail to respect their boyfriends.
Guy 1: Man, I need a decent girlfriend that actually treats me well.

Guy 2: Then get yourself an Imogen!
by Bootybabyliciouso April 28, 2010

These words sum up an Imogen.
Guy: Who's that Girl?
Girl: Imogen, she's so nice, you'll love her!
by tedwardss May 23, 2010
My lovely gorgeous girlfriend. whom i do love.
eg. "god imi your so hot"
by den April 01, 2005
An amazingly pretty yet also brilliantly smart girl.
Imogen's tend to have tons of friends and be all-rounders and good at anything they do.

Imogens also have fantastic taste in music.

Imogen is a name but can also be used to describe a girl.
Guy 1: I'm dating an Imogen
Guy 2: Wow, I wish I was dating an Imogen. I'm just dating a Mary.

Girl: I love A Very Potter Musical!
Guy: Wow, you're such an Imogen!
by cherryredkitty April 09, 2011
Imogen is a HAWT GIRL! Evertime she walks past, someone stops and stares for a moment.
Dude: Who was that girl?
Dudet: That was Imogen!
Dude: Holey shit she is fuckin GAWGOUUS!
by DaLoveGuru April 03, 2011
Imogen is nearly as awesome as the Katheryn's, they are also very beautiful, kind and selfless but most of all a massive SEED but they always mean well. They can also be very weird, but whatever they do is usually hilarious. They are so so cutteee and they always have boys coming after themmm. Most of them are loud and never stop talking, which dont get me wrong, is a good thing. Most Imogen's dont tollerate bullshit, so watchout 66%
Girl 1: Imogen, why are you eating that flower?
Imogen: It's yummy, see it has honey in it!!
by immogennnnyyyyy October 07, 2010
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