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a boy, a man or a male
y u iturruptin i-man dem?
by ("'v'")Tiny("'v'") May 16, 2006
Faith, Trust in God, Believe.

Farsi name. (Arabic root)
Iman is usually frist name.
by Iman April 08, 2005
1.absolutely perfect; no way to perfect
2.Nice; Funny; extrememly beautiful
A butterfly that is perfect is iman.
by The1Sheriff October 24, 2007
the most beautiful the most perfect
A caterpillar when it is turned into a beautiful butterfly. Therefore this butterfly is iman.
by The1GreatSheriff October 24, 2007
A beautiful

uusually has a BiG ass
always has a boyfriend
boys are all over her
but when she's in a relationship she stays loyal and faithful
doesn't take shit from anyone
she will tell you straight up what is going down
Everyone needs an Iman in their life!
Boy: Can i have your number?
Iman: No i have a boyfriend?
Boy: FUCK!
by loho12 January 07, 2012
Iman is a very sexy and beautiful girl who is usually mistaken for a Goddess. She has the looks of a model and cannot be anymore perfect.

A super hot amazing girl every guy wants. She is incredibly sexy!!!! She loves texting and food but is very sexy. Any guy would be very lucky to have a Iman, not only because they are pleasing to the eyes.
Boy: I'm going out with a Iman
Boy 2: You are the luckiest man on Earth!
by Emilia15267 January 25, 2013
A Super sexy cat-like woman / Possibly the best thing found in the desert.
the invasion of the middle east is not for the search of oil, but its a quest for the Imen
by Dr.Russ February 03, 2010
Iman refers to the acronym, I MASTURBATE ANALLY NIGHTLY. Usually, an individual who accomplishes this at home, while smoking a little dope, and questioning the mysteries of the universe, all - in the solitary of the anal chamber.
What's up with him?
Man, I heard that dude I.M.A.Ns at night.
by TheIMANone August 28, 2012