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Apple employees
"Do you work for Apple?"

"yep, i'm a iMan"
by kaaaz April 08, 2010
75 62
a boy, a man or a male
y u iturruptin i-man dem?
by ("'v'")Tiny("'v'") May 16, 2006
15 7
Someone extremely amazing. A girl who any one would be lucky to have and everyone desires for. Has every single quality in her. She is extremely trustworthy, loyal, sincere, helpful and everything. Defines perfection for the world. Is really cute and gorgeous. World needs iman's. Perfect best friends and who are always there for you
I have an Iman, and I am the luckiest guy On the planet <3
by Pagal June 14, 2014
1 0
that iman is scary
by sarahlovespuppies May 25, 2014
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Steve Jobs... a Legend!!!
I-man; the I phone creator
I pod

I culture.....
by Omairtalat October 06, 2011
3 9
IMan refers to a geek who doesn't miss an opportunity to show you how tripping over his powerbook cable is easier than falling down the stairs.

An IMan has an affectionate, almost religious devotion to his IPod/IMac/IPhone and loves nothing more than a good argument about why PC's are nerdy and Macs are cool.

An IMan is kind of like a He-Man but more girly.
Toby is such an IMan!
by TheGrenade May 11, 2007
60 151
iman means when your on the waiting list to get a pussy. usually used for dem virgin hoes.
Im getting imaned. That bitch aint giving it up.
by Imany March 09, 2007
47 222