when you have unprotected sex with your partner of the opposite gender
GF:"Baby remember last month in the shower when we had dat amazing sex"
BF:" Yea it was so fun"
GF: Well remember we didnt use a condom and im not on birth control"
by beenderdonedat May 03, 2009
Top Definition
2 words a man never wants to hear
GF: Baby, Im pregnant
by KC December 27, 2004
A popular excuse used by women to stop a boyfriend, husband, fiancée, etc from playing COD any longer.
Girl: "Honey, how long are you going to play that stupid game?"

Guy: "Just put it in the fridge and I'll heat it up later."

Girl: "Are you even listening to me?... I'm pregnant."

Guy: "You're just saying that to get me to come upstairs."

Girl: "ugh" and walks away
by FreBerSch February 18, 2010
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