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sexy intelegent and perfect in every way
hey ilya you look like ilya today
by ilya baxter October 16, 2007
734 209
Noun. Word used to describe person who enjoys good music, literature, painting, and generally has good manners.
Wow, look at that ilya walking into the art gallery across the street.
by Jade74 July 05, 2011
362 84
Amazingly attractive, funny, smart with cool hair.
Wow I wish I looked like Ilyas!
by Ilyas June 16, 2008
182 82
Acronym. ILYA is abbreviated for: I love you always.
I just want you to know that "ilya"

Just a lazy ass way of saying i love you always!
by Jade74 January 13, 2013
68 8
The sole embodiment of awesomeness, intelligence, and beauty in one person. It is one of the highest compliments, and to be called Ilya is that same as being called a sexy beast.
Hey, you look like a real Ilya today.
by _Azura_ March 19, 2013
49 5
A giraffes name. Anyone of anything by this name is a giraffe and nothing else. Ask referenced by 30 rock.
Dammit, that stupid Ilya ate all the leaves again.
by drummer_dude March 04, 2013
34 15