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Ilna is the name if the sweetest girl on the planet. she is always happy and bouncy, this gets god dam annoying at 5am but she will always be able to put you into a good mood. she is always happy go luck and is such fun to hang around and even more fun to go out partying with. what ever you do, do not give Ilna any sort of energy drinks otherwise she will be bouncing off the walls and might explode in a cloud of pink fluff. Ilna is amazing in bed and will blow your mind with her unique technique. This girl is an amazing friend (let me reiterate....not at 5 in the morning though). meeting an Ilna will change your life forever in the most positive way that you can ever imagine.
God damm, this chick was acting like Ilna thismorning at 5am

wow i had the best sex of my life last night, it was like being with Ilna

wish i had an Ilna in my life
by N.Awesome January 14, 2013
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