A word that describes 75% of internet users I come across.
Illiterate person: hi my nam is john! and i bite that geme you wer takking abote on that thred! we shud be frends. bcaus we both bite htat geme nd it was fun :DDDDD

Literate person: I won't be your friend because I didn't even understand half of what you just typed.
by Cows on the Moon February 17, 2012
An adjective denoting the misuse of a word or phrase in a sentence.
That was so illiterate when he spelled Dominican with three i's.
by mechicken69 November 10, 2009
not able to read or write
nigga can you read this? damn your illiterate ass!
by Tiara =] July 10, 2008
An extremely embarrassing word to misspell.
I just love it when grammar nazis misspell illiterate...
by Submitter of Words July 06, 2011
Retards who are too lazy to type four letter words.
Or, use 1337 speak or warez. It just makes them look idiots. Especially when they talk like they're on AOL when they are on message boards. It's not legible. No one wants to read their crap. Usually, illiterates try to diss you in school. Just bring up their poor english and use it against them.
Illiterates should be killed.
by Spikey James January 11, 2006
To be a little bitch that cant read or write
The dumb illiterate girl that reads like a 1st grader is always called on
by Hollagurl September 16, 2013
Used to describe the state of being smashed, hammered, drunk, shitfaced, wasted, sloshed, trashed, stupid, intoxicated, inebriated, tipsy, plastered, plowed, tanked or blacked.

In reference to the lack of full brain power once intoxicated. Reading takes focus. Figure it out.
Dude, he only got with her cause she was illiterate.

I've got two thirties; let's get illiterate.

Man, I was so illiterate last night I pissed the bed.
by mhdmhdmhd November 22, 2009

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