unable to read and write. basically a fucking idiot who has the approximate education levelof a grade 2 english student if not worse.
99.9% of the people who post stuff on this site are illiterate.
by bt February 28, 2003
A person, often stereotyped as being from a third-world country, who cannot read or write correctly.

Though it has technically nothing to do with the internet, it is used here (on the internet) as a stereotype for people who use a shortened version of english known as chatspeak or leet. Many people judge chatspeakers before they even get to know each other, calling said chatspeaker, "stupid" (etc.) because they're not willing to find out if the person is really stupid or if they do know english. Perhaps they might be from a different country? Chatspeak is often used as an alternative for correct english because people are simply too lazy, not stupid, to type in correct english. Though it may not be a faster way to type for chatspeak haters, it is for chatspeakers. Others are unaware that they're being discriminated against, so they keep using chatspeak. Some people use it for humor and are still hated for it. Perhaps the haters should learn it themselves.
Chatspeaker: do u leik mudkipz? i ttly lurve tehm

Hater: Go to hell, you illiterate waste of flesh. While you're there, learn proper english.

Chatspeaker: I already know proper english. Gee, that was fast, huh? I already went from hell and back. Someone told me I would be there forever. Not only that, you should get know people before assuming that they don't know proper english.
by Zodiark March 28, 2008
Jamie Wright.
Jamie says:
your a fucknut

Jamie says:
your the first one
by Mr. T February 21, 2004
A person from a 3rd world country whole is unable to read or write... due to lack of eduation (usually can't afford to pay for schooling)!!
3rd world children in india about 40% of the population can't read or write!! so they are illiterate
by Ashamaley February 23, 2006
prince and roper said it means oops my bad
if u did something wrong you'd say "im so illiterate"
by prince October 05, 2004
1)Unable to read or Write
Hey Chris can you read my essay for me?
Oh wait you're fucking illiterate..
by johnnayylmao March 21, 2016
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