A state where the multitudes in Chicago (and its collar) blame their woes on "Springfield" as if it weren't PRIMARILY elected officials and political players from Chicago (and its collar) making the decisions in Springfield.
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to put additional pressure on Springfield to allow a casino in the city.
by The Truth December 28, 2004
Illinois? Hmm...don't you mean Chicago?
Where you live?
Oh, Illinois!
. . .
by MasterPeep09 October 19, 2010
A state in the midwest consisting of Chicago and the rest of Illinois. The capital, Springfield, is known for putting the name Lincoln in front of everything, a few are Lincoln Memorial Gardens, Abraham Lincoln capital airport, President Lincoln hotel and confernece Center, Land of Lincoln... The most rapidly developing area in downstate Illionois is Chatham which has roughly ten to eleven new residential developments, and the town only has 10,000 people. It's right next to Springield, and is known for its excellent school district.
I was visiting my Dad in Illiois and i realized Chatham developed a rush hour.

Illinois should be two states, downsate Illinois, and The Chicagoland area.
by Nikko Krydesnski May 07, 2006
1. A term that is used when someone from Illinois speaks about something incoherant and random, and nobody understood the conversation.
Guy: My truck is awesome, its so shiny.

Illinois person: "I had a truck once, until I went muddin, then a deer ran out in front of me and I was like "screeeech" (makes gestures like holding on to something), then i rolled it, then it was like forever before i landed on all 4 wheels, then I took off again, and everything was aight..."

Guy: WTF? Oh yeah...ILLINOIS
by Joe Schmoeyzlazy August 07, 2008
The Prarie State. The Land of Lincoln. It borders Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky and the likes of Michigan only through the middle of Lake Michigan. About 12 million live in this state that is probably the worst in the Midwest outside Michigan. Notorious for too many high taxes and growing--you might as well be in California. Not surprisingly, it has more toll roads than any other state. It is the most corrupt state and Chicago is the nation’s most corrupt city. Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daily hired city tow truck drivers in a scandal and he closed Meigs Field just so it could only be used for his cronies at city hall. Former Governor George Ryan was convicted of racketeering and Dan Rostenkowski years ago is known for his corruption. Springfield is the technical capital but Chicago is the largest city with the real political power.

There are two Illinois: the Chicago area and everything else called “downstate” by locals. Chicago is the 3rd largest US city in a larger metro area of 10 million in 3 states. It’s a huge center in everything. O’Hare is one of the world’s busiest airports. Its post office is the largest in the world. The Sears Tower is the nation’s tallest building. Chicago is a major center for culture, museums, fancy dining, abundance of jobs, fancy architecture and education. It most popular attractions include the Shed Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry, Brookfield Zoo, Art Institute of Chicago, Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier. The University of Chicago is an ivy league university and Northwestern University in Evanston is in the Big Ten conference.

Downstate Illinois is flat, fertile farmland and among the most fertile soil in the world. This makes Illinois a top corn and soybeans producer and therefore the nation’s leader in ethanol production. Most downstaters resent the Chicago area and wish it would seceed to Wisconsin. Many of its folk are more conservative when compared to the rest of state. Downstate Illinois is extremely quaint and keeps a low profile. That’s the way downstaters want it. Downstate Illinois’ largest city is Peoria.
Because of its diversity, Illinois has a large economy. It ranks in the top states for agriculture and manufacturing. Illinois is a top state for soybean and corn production and therefore a top state for ethanol production. ADM, headquartered in Decatur transforms agricultural products into fuels and energy. As a crucial agricultural state, it ranks as a leading state in the production of farm equipment. Caterpillar, the country’s largest farm equipment producer is headquartered in Peoria
Illinois may be the largest state in the Midwest but its the worst to live in. I can't stand its high taxes, corruption, too many toll roads and too many democrats.
by krock1dk August 07, 2007
The universe's most boring state. I'm not eggagerating. You can hardly see the stars at night, thanks to almost being completely filled by all those darn dead trees. Most of the population is old people,(people at or over the age of 50) and is so freakin' boring, similar to the Fields Of Asphodel from Greek mythology. It has a wilder temperature range than Mercury, from -30 in the winter to nearly 100 degrees in the summer. It has some of the worst gas prices, with Chicago prices being nearly $4.00 since 5/30/08. Some say Charlotte Lee wrote her song, "The City", about Chicago.

That is my depressing review of Illinois. I think I'm going crazy from cabin fever, since it's about 95 degrees now, in September. I bet it'll snow tomorrow.
Person 1: Dude, I'm so bored.

Person 2: Yeah, it's like we're in Illinois!
by AphroditesReincarnation September 17, 2008
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