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The universe's most boring state. I'm not eggagerating. You can hardly see the stars at night, thanks to almost being completely filled by all those darn dead trees. Most of the population is old people,(people at or over the age of 50) and is so freakin' boring, similar to the Fields Of Asphodel from Greek mythology. It has a wilder temperature range than Mercury, from -30 in the winter to nearly 100 degrees in the summer. It has some of the worst gas prices, with Chicago prices being nearly $4.00 since 5/30/08. Some say Charlotte Lee wrote her song, "The City", about Chicago.

That is my depressing review of Illinois. I think I'm going crazy from cabin fever, since it's about 95 degrees now, in September. I bet it'll snow tomorrow.
Person 1: Dude, I'm so bored.

Person 2: Yeah, it's like we're in Illinois!
by AphroditesReincarnation September 17, 2008

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