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When you want to pee. It means: I gotta pee.
I have to pee, I must pee, I have got to pee.
Used on internet.
IGP this is:
by cR. February 01, 2010
Gaming term - standing for In Game Physics
"damn dog this game has bad IGP"
by Maxwell Spencer August 06, 2007
It means "I gotta Pee" or "I gotta Poop."

but its a good term to use when you don't want to disgust people that picture such things as a turd in a bowl and a stream of yellow(not lemonade).
Person 1: Hey dude, do you hear that? It kinda sounds like... What's that word? Brown Note?

Person 2: BRB!

Person 1: Why? I thought you were done with everything?

Person 2: IGP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye
by zSethz XD June 19, 2011
an abbreviation for telling some one that you have to poop
IGP be right back. = I gotta poop be right back.
by JBA May 23, 2007
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